Club Rules

Please carefully read the following rules and regulations relating to the club:

  1. Radios and other music players are not permitted without the use of headphones.
  2. Team games and team ball games are not permitted.
  3. No glass or breakable items are allowed on the beach.
  4. No barbeques are permitted before 5.00pm, unless authorised by the office.
  5. Topless sunbathing, tents, dogs and other animals are not allowed on the premises or raft.
  6. All motorised watercraft that are hired or otherwise must be boarded to the north end of the Sandy Lane Hotel’s beach and used outside of the marked swimming area.
  7. Please wash/clean off all sand before entering the club house and using the facilities ie. bathrooms, chairs etc, outside showers and footbaths are available.
  8. Please do not sit on the beach club furniture with wet swimsuits/clothing/towels etc.
  9. No surf boards, boogie boards etc are allowed in the club house.
  10. Please place all rubbish/litter in the bins provided. Ashtrays are available from the bar for the use on the beach. Smoking is not permitted in the club house.
  11. Failure to abide by the rules may result in your being asked to leave the beach facility.